Hi Avery,

I feel lonely, and I think it is an important reminder of my selfishness. Too often I fantasize romantic adventures as seen in movies. Like becoming an ancient artifact historian, wearing a brown brim hat and swinging across caves. The other version is a quiet simple life of minimalism, backpacking in the deep woods or traveling around the world collecting unique memories in placement of material goods or property.

I pretend that this blog is a symbolic flash light to guide an unborn child through their dark future. Yet all I can do is talk about myself. It’s pretty obvious that my premise is bullshit. Still, it seems like human nature begs the question, “what if”? My theory is that some of parenting draws inspiration from the selfish desire to improve upon the previous parenting. The flaw in this system, is for every one person depressed by defeat is creating a winner that will be inevitably bored with victory. How do can I equally avoid despair and boredom as a singular entity? Maybe together, through this philosophical journey, I can figure that out.

So here is my idea. First, I will embrace the first person perspective. It is selfish and vain but it is the truth. You can’t really tell someone how to fix their life, you can only lead by example and hope they fix it themselves. So I shall continue to lead you with the best of my ability, for as long as you choose to follow.
I love you,
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