Hey Avery, this weeks lesson will be a new Role-model. I will also be releasing the finale of my three part “Horny Trinity” to be posted and read live Sunday night April 15th at the Nerdologues.

Avery, I would like to introduce you to nine-year old Caine Monroy. The only thing I know about this young man is what I learned from this video. So take a moment and get caught up.

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

Caine has many admirable qualities on display. He is ambitious, creative, dedicated, humble and seemingly just a fun kid enjoying life. These things are conveyed well in this mini-documentary, but this is not why I chose Caine as a role-model. Look back at the 2:10 mark and this is what you see:

Then the camera pans to the left and you see this:

This is the part of the story that captivated my interest. I know creative fun kids exist in bunches around the world, but Caine has applied a craftsmanship to his imagination. He dedicates himself to effort without any concern of success or judgement. Caine has achieved all of this because of the exposure he has with his Father. What is especially inspiring is the simplicity of what he is emulating. Caine is not being inspired by a famous artist, athlete or a millionaire businessman, he is looking up to a Father that works hard, loves his son and doesn’t hide it.

Avery, I have been aspiring to be a lot of things in my adult life and I think the best of them all is to be someones role-model.

Please visit: http://www.Cainesarcade.com