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Pluck the Pain Away performed in front of a live audience at The-Nerdologues

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It’s March, which starts with the letter M. You know what else starts with the letter M? Mmm… donuts. ALSO – music! This episode is all (mostly) about music and features some fantastic original, never-before-heard songs by comedians Andrew Bentley, Bill Kenkel, Steve Persch and Claire Freidman, as well as a really touching monologue about music’s power from blogger Shawn Boyle. Claire, myself and all-around creative fellah Myke Golliday also have non-musical nerd moments to share. Join us, won’t you?


The Nerdologues

Sunday, February 19th 7:00 PM
@The Upstairs Gallery 5219 N. Clark Chicago, IL 60640
Free admission, BYOB

Come on out, and join the fun. If you want to read a story of your own, click the link and contact the organizers, super friendly, and pleasurably nerdy people.

Significant Math performed in front of a live audience at The-Nerdologues

On September 18th 2011, I did my first every live reading. I was pretty nervous, but it came out ok. Special thanks to The Nerdolgues for hosting this great event, please check out their site, and if you live in the Chicago-land area, make it out to one of their free open mics.

Further Acts of Unselfishness from Shawn on Vimeo.
This is a live reading of my blog project

Shot with a Lumix GH13 using LPowell’s Blackout 24p Hack, a 20mm Lumix Pancake lens, and a Lav mic connected to a Zoom H1.

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